From Pioneer to Preferred Partner

Bayer products and services support Radiologists achieving high quality contrast enhanced imaging in CT and MR.

Bayer in Radiology:
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As a true life science company, Bayer understands where treatment starts: With an early and precise diagnosis. Radiologists have a unique ability to provide clear direction during moments of uncertainty in a patient’s clinical journey.

Our dedication to quality in everything we do supports Radiologists to focus on patient care – which is everything that counts. Clear Direction – From Diagnosis to Care.

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From Pioneer to a Preferred Partner

Continuously Evolving Innovative Patient Care

For approximately 100 years, we have pioneered products and services to enhance medical imaging. Today, we continue to be a preferred partner to radiologists and other physicians as they work to provide the best care for patients.

from pioneer to a prefered partner

Enhancing Medical Imaging along the Radiology Workflow

We provide radiologists with a portfolio of products that enhance medical imaging and facilitate greater efficiency with a focus on image acquisition.